Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pure Sound

The Power of Pure Sound.
Chanting, sounding Om, Singing bowls, Gongs, Toning, flutes and Sound Healing. What is this stuff all about? I don’t know the how of it; I know there is something very real and wonderful going on. I am no authority on this subject, but I will share from my own experience. Then you will know why there is chanting and OM as part of  yoga Classes, and sometimes live gongs, singing bowls, flutes or with harmonic sound healing.
We all know the pure joy and satisfaction of listening to, singing playing a favorite song, sometimes over and over. We all know how some songs help us cry when our hearts feel broken. This is emotions for certain, yet perhaps more. There are studies showing the benefit of music for the elderly, for persons with depression and even heart conditions.  I do dance/music exercise with elderly people in assisted living many times as well.  Recently I was fortunate to hear Robert Tree Cody play native flute for these elderly people, we were outside under the New Mexico blue sky. They had done the breathing exercises which we always close class with. When flute music began, the healing effect was obvious, so different than when someone hears a “grand old song” they love. As they listened, a profound peacefulness settled over everyone. I saw their faces become more relaxed and felt something changing. I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt it and others there felt it. There were more smiles and eye contact between the elderly people and also with the staff that cares for them.
The experience of pure sound and Harmonic Sound is more than emotional. I know it resonates with-in our whole being, our consciousness.  Yoga includes chanting as part of Kundalini yoga and at Kirtans.  Many cultures have mystic practices involving sound, music singing or chanting.  In Tunisia I heard singing one night, a special singing called “Singing the heart/throat” hearing it from a distance and then up close it had an effect on me I have never been able to explain, I didn’t know the language enough for there to be any understanding of the words, it wasn’t like anything music-wise I normally enjoyed, but I could have listened to it all night, and will never forget it. This was over15 years ago.
 Pure sound began to be very interesting to me,  after my first one hour, silent, group meditation; we did 11 minutes of Om sounding afterward. There was a merging and amplification of everyone’s “energy”; I don’t know what else to call it- it was not simple emotion : there was a palpable raising or shift in everyone, I talked with others who had the same experience, and one person described it as “all the cells of their body were vibrating at a higher frequency”! That described it! We talked about the sound helping raise our consciousness.  
Shortly after that I went to a sound healing event in Santé Fe, (Renee S. Lebeau, who studied with Tom Kenyon, (There is a wonderful documentary film about him, I recently saw).  The sound/music was amazing. The next event, I asked Renee if there was space to dance or do yoga in the back of the room.  I wanted to explore movement with this live pure sound. She said we could make that an option. That night she was collaborating with two others, there was a wooden flute. I listened and did yoga breathing and then began to move.  I did a combination of yoga and dance spontaneously, my mind was totally quite – void of thought, I moved in expanded ways and did yoga poses I thought were out-of my-reach and did them with amazing ease.  I experienced direct effect of the sound on my physical body, movement in the fascia and tissue deep within the body.  Whenever the flute was played, I felt as if I had wings and my shoulders became very flexible, again I did poses beyond my usual range with ease.
I was contacted to do Yoga to the sound of Gongs recently, and said yes! to complete strangers!!!  (Who turned out to be wonderful, kind and true sound healing artists). It was awesome to teach with the gongs, halo, singing bowls and Michelle's voice and share this experience.  I also participated in doing a healing circle, where healers did Reiki, and other types of healing, on massage tables, placed around the gongs. The energy, sound vibrations, harmonies amplified the healing effects. I am so glad to know they are coming back in October. 

The Gong Temple's photo of their gongs, halo and singing bowls....

Please share your thoughts and experiences with sound healing; toning, chanting, singing bowls gongs- I would love to hear more about people’s experiences and practices.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Walking; the most under-rated exercise.

 I was fortunate to grow up in a small town where we walked: to friends, to the park to play, ice skate, for concerts or picnics on the grass.  I also walked several blocks to school, a good thing for many reasons, such as; focusing the eyes on sights at various distances, (great for vestibular functioning & eyesight) enjoying nature, trees, the sky,  fresh air, and using systems of muscular integration to propel the body forward and remain balanced.
Humans were meant to walk. Walking is one way our body resets it's natural alignment.  It is weight bearing exercise, and it calms the mind. Walking is natural movement that involves moving all of your muscles and tissue, increasing metabolism, lubricating the joints, increasing blood flow and oxygen to all the cells of the body, nourishing our physical being. It energizes the body, as well as relaxes the mind: walking can even be a meditation Walking can also be calming for the emotions, through appreciating beauty, nature, fresh air, sunshine, rain, seeing the people of your neighborhood; all this can lift your spirits.

Even if you are very “active” if you are not walking regularly, you may not be resetting the body in an important natural way.  

In the past, (and for many people of the world, still today), our bodies were the primary tool of sustenance and survival, we used them with care and awareness.  Sedentary wasn’t an option.  Now, the many conveniences of modern life: cars, furniture, sit-toilets, TV, computers, cell phones, are not helping our health, in fact, they are making people less mobile, less flexible, less connected and less aware.  

It is a challenge to maintain healthy, activity habits in modern western culture. Creating time and following through with exercise, may mean letting some things go, in order to make time to nurture personal health and peace of mind.  Notice how your thoughts, self-talk, beliefs, activity and lifestyle affect starting and continuing your walking regularly. Notice who are your allies for healthy Living. Having work-out/walking buddies/partners increases success; who could be your buddy?   
Most of the people on the planet would be astounded to observe how very little walking a modern person, in many cities in the USA does.  The bits of walking are mostly to and from a car.   In a time and society where poor diets, excess weight, obesity and sedentary lifestyle are creating disease.

 More than once recently I listened to conversations between young people (early-mid 20’s) talking about shockingly numerous ailments, medications ,and procedures, which hadn't brought relief.  More than one said "I wish I was in shape to exercise".  I wondered if they knew a walking program was a possibility.

 I work with older people (70’s up to 102 years old) some who don’t spend any time talking about ailments and medicine; because they are busy living the life they have left and most of them don't have as many "ailments" as these young people!  These elder people have a sense of purpose and commitment to life which is strong: a contributing factor to a healthier life and aging process.

It is with-in your power to change this whole paradigm of sedentary lifestyle for yourself. Starting with a good daily walk, 30-45 minutes; it is sound, healthy, preventative medicine.  It is that simple. (I didn’t say easy- breaking habits, starting new habits isn’t easy) Yet, who knows, after this is a habit, you might find yourself doing yoga, maybe even dance, or taking a long hike, running a marathon, doing a triathlon, but for now, keep it simple.  
Namaste, Christina




Sunday, March 15, 2015

100 reasons to get out in Nature.

  1. Fresh air
  2. Sunshine
  3. Exercise
  4. Enjoy the beauty of trees
  5. Enjoy the beauty of terrain
  6. Enjoy the beauty of the sky
  7. Enjoy the beauty of clouds
  8. Enjoy the beauty of stars
  9. Enjoy the moon
  10. Enjoy the moonlight world
  11. Focus your eyes at different distances
  12. Enjoy the beauty of plants
  13. Remember the cycle of life
  14. Enjoy the beauty of creatures 
  15. Enjoy the beauty of birds
  16. Experience the environment
  17. Enjoy the beauty of breezes, wind
  18. Relax
  19. Get creative inspiration
  20. Enjoy the sense of smell
  21. Enjoy the sense of touch
  22. Eat, food tastes better outside.
  23. Get away from screens
  24. Get away from phones
  25. Get away from traffic
  26. Great way to get away from day to day routines
  27. Possibility for adventure is high.
  28. Remembering how change is a part of life
  29. See something new
  30. See something old
  31. Hear your own intuition
  32. Enjoy quiet
  33. Enjoy the sounds of birds
  34. Experience temperatures
  35. Experience rain
  36. Experience snow
  37. Feast your eyes on colors
  38. Feast your eyes on textures
  39. Feast you eyes on patterns
  40. Explore
  41. Play
  42. Enjoy sunrises
  43. Enjoy sunsets
  44. Release emotions
  45. Enjoy the beauty of flowers
  46. Enjoy the smells of flowers and plants
  47. See life all around you
  48. Experience phenomena of the sky- rainbows, northern lights, shooting stars.
  49. Experience stillness or storms
  50. 50 to 100 enjoy all 50 things by sharing them in the company of friends!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yoga for Central nervous system health, heart health and overall vitality


There is some  information about the brain that you may not be aware of that is important. First of all the Central Nervous System is the brain and the Spinal cord. Second the brain changes throughout our life, the term for this being- neuroplasticity. Third, we build new neural Pathways throughout our lives and we can actively affect this process!       In recent research I came across the work of Dr. Roger Sperry, (Nobel Prize Recipient for Brain Research)   -let's focus on these two points-


  • “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine” Dr. Roger Sperry

  • “Additionally, Dr. Roger Sperry demonstrated that 90% of the brain’s energy output is used in relating the physical body to gravity. Only 10% has to do with thinking, metabolism, and healing.” 


Movement of the spine brings better brain health! These are reasons posture and optimal body Mechanics (particularly spinal alignment) is essential to health and vitality- healthy nutrition for the brain and energy output of the brain!

 There is a saying in Chinese culture- :You will live as long as you can arch your back". This makes good sense when you understand the relationship of nourishment and stimulation to the brain.  

Think about this in relation to the Asanas (poses) in yoga, all of which are strengthening and/or stretching the muscles along and within the spine to some degree.  “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine”  Balance poses in Yoga, where you challenge yourself to balance on one foot or one foot one hand etc…90% of the brain’s energy output is used in relating the physical body to gravity.
Meditation, Ideally Yoga is moving meditation; quieting the mind. narrowing the focus, controlling the thoughts, and therefore giving the mind a rest or at least the focus (economy) necessary to build new neural pathways. The longer I do yoga the less separation there seems to be of mind/body/brain/heart/energy.  Through continued practice over time all of this becomes integrated and a natural understanding, knowing/ intelligence develops over time.  The brain is throughout the body and the body has it's own intelligence. This is far more than gaining muscle development and knowing the names and mechanics of postures (asanas). It is building new neural pathways, gaining control over the mind and body, it is training the intuition so that eventually the yoga practice begins to be naturalistic, and organic;y evolving. In other words you train till you can practice with mindfulness but very little "thinking". 
This is also why Shavasana, is so important, you are resting the brain as well as the body, “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine” giving the spine time to restore and reset.  Shavasana using blankets and bolsters are often better for people who are injured or elderly or need to improve posture.  In meditation and some restorative yoga this is also true. Conversely, this is not so true the way many of us “relax” seated in chairs that foster poor alignment, watching TV or movies, drinking alcohol, etc… none of this is even approaching the healthy relaxation needed for restoring health of mind and body.

Another aspect of the brain is Neuroplasticity

- in this article How Training Changes the Structure of the Brain, Dan Peterson states;   "On the most basic level, learning a new skill or improving a skill involves changes in the brain.  There are a few different ways that our brains adapt to picking up new skills and changing environmental conditions.  The first involves a rewiring of the networks of neurons in the brain.  Each skill or action that an athlete performs involves the activation of neural pathways."

Knowing the brain is very plastic and that each repetition in practice affects the brain brings light on the importance of “mindful daily practice” to ensure that the pathways being laid down in the brain are reinforced with the right neural connections.  This processes being optimum when the mind is quiet.
~ “Do not allow past experiences to be imprinted on your mind. Perform asanas each time with fresh mind and with a fresh approach. If you re repeating what you did before, you are living in the memory, so you are living in the past. ” ~The light on life, B.K.S Iyengar Having a distracted mind, or careless practice isn’t just wasting your time, it can actually be steps backwards from attaining new skill, depth and understanding.This clarifies the abilities of an experienced yogi (daily practice over years) to perform yoga postures as compared to persons who do yoga at 1 or 2 classes a week.

 The other aspect of brain health has to do with the quiet mind. 

Research around the brain activity patterns of experts has been done by Brad Hatfield at the University of Maryland.  His research around expert marksmen... "has shown that their brains are, in fact, ‘quieter’ and more economical than the brains of novices.  In effect, they tune everything else out so thoroughly that only the most essential  brain areas associated with the task are turned on and working.   Novices, on the other hand, exhibited not only more brain activity, but  activity that suggested communication between areas of the brain associated with motor control and areas associated with conscious, cognitive thought and analysis.  Several studies on athletes and clutch performance of skilled tasks have associated a certain type of quiet, focused brain state with successful performance.  In effect, a quiet brain is an expert brain."

Conversely  "It has been theorized that high stakes cause athletes to overthink and become self-conscious about their movements, which in turn causes them to revert back to the rigid movement patterns of a less-experienced performer.  This has been observed in disciplines from rock-climbers to weightlifters to piano players.  The mind can get in the way of the body smoothly carrying out what it  already knows how to do." Dan Peterson

There is also a relationship to the quiet mind and the metabolic/systolic heart rhythms-   

At the Institute of Heart Math  research shows "positive emotions create increased harmony and coherence in heart rhythms and improve balance in the nervous system and conversely: disharmony in the nervous system leads to inefficiency and increased stress on the heart and other organs..
The heart  a  complex,  "processing center with its own functional "brain" that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, and ultimately determine the quality of life." ~Institute of Heart Math 

Monday, October 20, 2014


 I_AM VITALITY!  is a Process that includes:
    •   One, 4 hour Workshop
    •   Pre & post, individual consultations, 
    •   a series of Six classes (1hr 45min.)                                Total of 15.5 hours

The small class size and 7 week, 15.5 hour commitment, guarantees progress that will be life changing. You will be moving  more and in healthful, energizing ways.
The Individual consultation the week before workshop is to evaluate your current posture and use of body mechanics to give you a clear picture of  your individual starting point and set some realistic goals. The 2nd consultation (last week or week following) is to see your progress and re-define your goals. This has proven to be one of the most helpful aspects of I AM Vitality!
The initial workshop focuses on posture and body mechanics, for optimal health benefits as you move in your day-to-day activities;  re-training the body so that you're not wearing-it-down throughout your day, excises for the body's core muscles, gaining awareness of engagement vs. tension throughout the body. This process includes hands-on adjustments for deeper understanding. The day will end with a Guided, deep, relaxation.

The weekly classes (6 weeks)  Practice moving mindfully. You will be moving correctly and moving more! You will be creating good movement/exercise habits.  These subsequent classes will incorporate dance and yoga to improve cardio-vascular health, strength, flexibility and body awareness. I will be leading you in simple yet vigorous Dance, Pilates core work, and yoga.
 Each session will end with guided deep relaxation,  which is refreshing, rejuvenating and highly beneficial in this fast-paced multi-tasking world!
    The Asana(physical posture/poses of yoga) are only the tip of the iceberg, and in the beginning, it doesn't matter if you can touch your toes or not!  It is the mindful sustained effort that will help the body be in it's current best state and make steady gains.
How wonderful is that!  So please, don't think you have to already be flexible, athletic, slim or anything else to begin. You Are ready for this!
   This is an excellent process for persons at any age or fitness level, persons feeling stuck at their current level of movement, or needing motivation to get moving.  
~There are no refunds! your Investment is $325.oo for entire I AM Vitality process. Watch for early-bird special rate for those who subscribe to website.   This is a valuable investment in your health and vitality ~ 
Participants must pre-register and pre-pay $160.00 for the I AM Vitality process Paying balance before initial 4 hour workshop. 
"I am passionate about teaching this synthesis of decades of study and teaching in multiple disciplines and methods including; Three traditions of Yoga, Dance, The Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, Pilates, and The Franklin method."
~ Christina
 Please contact me,  if interested in the  I AM Vitality Process
Outside of the Alb. NM area- I will come to you! If you have a group of 10 -12.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn poems 2014 ~

Dear Ones, remind me of this day when I do not smile!
  Maybe it is the softer light of the overcast sky
or the moisture in the air
that brings this day under my skin in a soothing magical depth.
 I feel closer to ones who have passed beyond: are they sending us blessings?
I see immeasurable, infinite beauty in the green leaves
of a wetter southwestern summer, nearing it's end.
The colors rich and reflected, puddles are masterpieces,
rocks are singing and the trees dancing the Earths song.
I cannot contain gratitude so vast,
yet, is it enough to make up for all the days taken for granted?
This abundance my eyes missed because of the chatter in my smaller mind?
  Dear Ones remind me of this day when my eyes are dull.                   ~C.Bouajila

The sunrise sky casting a pink tint to the world,
The day’s first light glows through the tapestry of still trees.
Golden light and scattered hints of yellow autumn leaves.
Bird songs mingle in harmony with silent air, not even a slight breeze.
Brilliant white potential surrounds this new day.
The city traffic begins to hum, and then a train whistle in the distance.
There are journeys ahead as the past sleeps on.
A familiar cat jumps from tree limbs to rooftop.
Oh deep gratitude I am awake!                                                               ~ C. Bouajila

Image by Danmala

Friday, August 22, 2014


An all too common story of the Modern, Western Human Body

~ a not so short and somewhat generalized story for understanding the current level of comfort and enjoyment in the physical body.    By Christina Bouajila

In the womb we float in a small warm water place.  Then, as we develop, we move within our own skin and within the womb; though curled-up we moved in an incredible range of motion.  As we grow the space shrunk, yet we move more, we flex and lengthen muscles intuitively so that we are born with a fair amount of muscle tone (This is measured on the modern Apgar scale at birth). After we are born, (the birth experiences are a whole other story) we are able to unfurl beyond where we could in the womb because of the intuitive (instinctual) moving we did while confined.  This unfurling continues so that within months our spine has straightened from that curved shape it was inside the womb, our arms and legs (which you have been moving and which have been growing) have more tone and strength.  The muscles of our neck are stronger and we can lift our still heavy head. (The head being very large compared to later in life). We moved the muscles toward this many, many times before we actually lifted our head. Our neck is very flexible, as are our hips, so we can move our arms and legs to grab our feet or toes, maybe even put toes in our mouth. We become an expert at lifting our head grabbing and moving and we are becoming stronger because we do these things many times a day, every day, until we are exhausted and we rest, rest relaxed, completely, peacefully. We learn to roll over. We moved the muscles toward this many, many times before we actually roll over, and now we do this frequently with very little effort. We even roll over a few times and stay orientated in space (not dizzy or confused) We have fun doing this! Our spines are stronger and more flexible. We lift our head and upper body while laying on our tummy enough to look straight ahead! We are arching our spines. We moved the muscles toward this many, many times before we actually arched our spine with the strength to lift our upper-self off the floor.  Soon it gets very interesting and complicated because we scoot; coordinating head neck spine arms and legs to move- we have gone mobile! Now we go over, under and around things, and maybe bring an object along- every new movement we do is a result of moving the groups of muscles many, many times before actually lifting our heads, rolling or scooting. We move about until we are exhausted and we rest, rest relaxed completely.  Then after a while we figured out how to get our knees under our hips and lift up our lower torso and push up to the forearms and eventually hands; We got on all fours!  The first time maybe only for seconds, the next time we can’t quit get there, then it is for 3 seconds, then seconds longer…..then we can stay up there and we can rock back and forth!  We moved the muscles toward this many, many times before we actually got up on all fours.  We moved the muscles toward this many, many times before we actually rocked on all fours.  We practice (do) this many times a day every day. Life is an adventure! Then we coordinate systems of muscles to crawl!  We moved the muscles toward this many, many times before we actually crawled. We crawl and crawl and get so good and quick at this that our big people break a sweat to keep up with us! We move about until we are exhausted and we rest: rest very relaxed. Rest completely. Next we reach out to grab onto things higher and bring more of ourselves up,  this continues in countless variations all day every day until we stand – we stand holding onto this, that and thems many times all day every day- and then we have become a master at standing holding onto something! Then we step holding onto this that and thems, we fall, we step again and fall, we learn and we take 2 steps, fall, 1 step, 2 steps, fall, 1 step, fall,  maybe we stop for a day or week then we take steps and sit, more steps and fall into somebody’s arms. We stand without holding onto something! Maybe even surprising ourselves, but we have moved and moved towards this many, many times every day of our life. We move about until we are exhausted and we rest: rest very relaxed; we rest completely.  And then, we stand without support, balance for a second then fall, 2 seconds then fall, 4 seconds over and over many times every day then one day we stand and step without holding on to anything! We fall, we stand, fall, stand, balance, fall, stand, fall to sit, stand and step. We do this many, many times until walking 2 steps, 3 steps, more steps and then all over the place so that the big people get tired keeping up with US!  We move about until we are exhausted and we rest: rest very relaxed; we rest completely.

 The story is going to be changing because we live in the modern western world and it gets a bit sad then sadder, we might feel angry about some of it too.  Things outside of us begin to take over this process that up to now has been free and natural and fun- living in our bodies has been a mostly great adventure if we have been fortunate to avoid major trauma, injury, illness, abuse or neglect. If those things have happened the story is already very sad. Let these feelings pass through you, feeling is part of the process of growing.

 In this modern world we have car seats and strollers which confine and restrict movement which are poorly designed for our spines, but we are in them and we spend some time there, we may already be sitting in chairs rather than on the floor so we aren’t moving the hips, knees and ankles in half of the range of motion we did sitting on the floor.  Later, in Pre-School we sit at desks and in chairs for longer and longer periods of time. When we are active at recess and PE we are often playing games where the focus is on the ball, in the game with our team. We are rarely seeing and copying adults using good posture and body mechanics, as when generations ago children learned this through watching the physical work of adults in daily living. We learned by imitation, doing, feeling and seeing.  We might not ever be guided to tune-in to our own body’s alignment which gets thrown-off by afore mentioned cultural restraints. Maybe by now we are forgetting how to move about with determination and curiosity.  We might be seeing media stereotypes and unattainable examples that confuse us and make us think less of ourselves. People may say things that make us think we are awkward or worse.  We might even have stopped dancing, and playing. We move with less frequency, within less range of motion and with much less awareness. We might get into sports or athletics and restore some of this, depending on the sport, the coaches and all. Yet more and more time is seated in chairs, on a device, riding in a car, sitting in front of a TV or movie. So much sedentariness that when we rest it is restless, we drop our body in front of a device and keep the mind going. If we are lucky we walk a good 45 minutes a day, say to school, but if by now we only walk from house to car, to store to this and that (even sports) we have probably begun to lose the great body mechanics we had gained when learning to, practicing and mastering walking, so that when we go on a long walk it is without a smooth and efficient stride; we are forgetting to walk well, and sadly we don’t even realize it.  These trends continue, so that many kids in sports are up for knee and back surgeries while very young. Many other young people are rarely enjoying a long hike, or walk, or dancing or playing in any physical way. (In other cultures/times a wide variety of movement continues throughout life even the very elderly move throughout the day, walk, work, play, dance). Here we have pre-teens too inhibited to dance, or try something new, even when no-one is watching. A whole population lugging around their bodies like some kind of burden, harshly judging their physical self and storing tension and emotional residue throughout the tissues. This is very Sad, because moving is essential.  As we get older in western modern society, we move less, think more and eat whatever, are restless and we may be forgetting how we once did rest; how we would rest very relaxed, rest completely, peacefully.  Perhaps we begin to think sad thoughts about our body “I’m out of shape” “ I’m too fat” I’ll never be in shape” “I’m too old” “I can’t do this”, “I eat wrong” or “ this or that body part should be this or that way”  For many this trend continues and gets worse through middle and high school, college and beyond. Maybe we medicate, numb, or sedate ourselves.

 It does not have to be this way! It can be so much better, and the journey very satisfying! – Once started and made a habit, the progress back to harmony within the body happens fast, because it is natural!  Let’s start with taking a deep breath and let ourselves grieve the loss of knowing and loving our body as our friend.  This may be worthy of a good cry or several depending on your experience. Then, make friends with our body again, venture out for a walk or play music and dance. Henceforth, have compassion for the self, for the way things have been, but re-claiming our body completely. It is ours, it is Holy.  Each time, for several weeks, when we look into any mirror, look right into our own eyes and say “I love you.   Notice every negative thing we catch ourselves saying and replace it with a compassionate affirmation. Imagine moving much more, and thoroughly enjoying it. Let’s move until we are exhausted and enjoy the best rest, completely relaxed; resting just as when we were a small child.  When we dress, let’s be grateful for all of our body. When we wash our body, wash it in love. When we laugh let’s laugh more and louder. The truth is we are beautiful exactly as we are, and the more we love our body, as a best friend, the more healthy and vibrant and happy we will be.  We are not here to be perfect; we are here to experience and learn. We are in a body to experience this world. Let’s love it, exactly as it is, completely, without judgment, and we will shine from within, and from this shining we will have more energy to give and share, even into old age.  Inhabit your body as a home. Tenderly care for it, as a home. Enjoy, move and be relaxed in it, it is a home.  
Welcome home Dear Ones!    

Christina Bouajila 2014